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How to attract butterflies to your garden: Build a cottagecore heaven!

One comment I keep on hearing from my customers is that they used to see way more butterflies around in the past, and now it's rarity to see them. Based on that, I had come up with some tips if you are like me and love to increase the population of butterflies around you. Here we go:

1. Plant native wildflowers and host plants that caterpillars love, providing a sustainable habitat for the entire butterfly life cycle. Remember, there are no butterflies without caterpillars! so let them eat your plants!

2. Avoid pesticides and opt for natural methods to maintain a healthy and eco-friendly garden. Pesticides don't distinct the good from the bad, they kill everything, reducing the biodiversity of your garden.

Those two first tips are the most important ones. However, if you are really into it, I'd suggest three more tips:

3. Create a diverse range of nectar-rich flowers, enticing butterflies with a colourful feast.

4. Provide a water source like a shallow dish with rocks for them to rest and sip on. Just remember to keep the water fresh!

5. Incorporate sunlit spots and wind-protected areas to offer warmth and shelter.

Comfy pillows in the meadow with butterflies
Photo courtesy of Luke Jones

By cultivating a butterfly-friendly environment, you'll witness a kaleidoscope of fluttering wings and become a part of the magical circle of life. Embrace the beauty of these delicate creatures as they grace your garden with their presence.

I hope these tips get you inspired to attract native butterflies to your garden! Please share your beautiful sanctuary with us using the hashtag #cottagecore_bflygarden

Indulge in the enchanting world of cottagecore!


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